DIY Sustainable Garden
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Here are a few recipes you can make at home in your spare time to give your plants some extra love!
For those of us that are in area's where we are lacking Calcium this is going to be your best friend.
This recipe is designed for outside use only, it emits CARBON DIOXIDE and smells like stinky eggs!
This recipe is made to be tweaked  to fit your needs.


INGREDIENTS                      THINGS YOU NEED
Farm fresh egg shells             TWO gallon plastic container with screw on lid, We use recycled mayo jugs 
Non distilled vinegar                old cookie sheets
                                                 Old BBQ or hot plate-we use BBQ it works best
                                                  Small bucket
                                                 Cheese cloth or pain strainer
                                                  DO THIS OUSIDE BECAUSE OF THE SMELL  

STEP 1.Crumble egg shells with your hand and scatter on old cookie sheet, not to much you need to mix without spilling all over the BBQ.

STEP 2. On medium heat burn off any egg matter stirring occasionally not to blacken the shell but just browning it.

STEP 3. Let egg shells cool so you don't burn yourself or melt your plastic container , once cooled place in container

STEP 4. Add 3 parts non distilled vinegar to one part eggshell ( ONE CUP EGGSHELL MIX THREE CUPS VINEGAR)
 Once mixed you will see a chemical reaction and it will start to bubble , place the lid on without screwing it on . You will start to smell the carbon dioxide emitting from this.

STEP 5. Wait for ten days after that the bubbles should be gone, use paint strainer or cheese cloth to filter you final product out with . You now have water soluble calcium and you can reuse your egg shells. Dilute this from 1-1,000 up to 1-500 ratio 
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