Luscious Leaves Fish Slate
Maxwell Farms presents LUSCIOUS LEAVES

A soil amendment that boosts leaf growth, improves soil health, and enhances microbes in the soil. Packed full of natural Amino acids,vitamins & trace minerals, they are natural chelating agents that make nutrients immediately available to plants. 

What is Luscious leaves?

Luscious leaves is what we call fish slate, which is made using wild caught fish waste from Hawaii's pristine waters then ground and fermented. Through fermentation our product gets broken down to be more bio available.  Luscious Leaves is concentrated, requiring only one half to one ounce per one gallon of clean water.


Emulsions have been heated up to remove valuable oil, which process denatures the protein.  Some emulsions have bones and protein removed form the product which reduces calcium, minerals, amino acids. Some emulsions add synthetics .


Hydroslate is like our product except they add water, so you are getting a diluted version.
Some claim to have a cold process but add sulfuric acid denaturing vitamins and mineral content.

Luscious leaves is made with ground fish, pure cane sugar, with no additives, extractions or water added to our product.  This means it is highly concentrated and full of nitrogen proteins, minerals, oils, vitamins and antioxidants. The oil binds to clay soils and won't wash away with a rainstorm. 

Luscious Leaves uses 100% caught in Hawaii fish we collect from local fish markets. 
We are using island waste to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Promoting a Sustainable Future for Hawai'i