Maxwell farms started in 2009 when our son Isaiah was born.  After a spell in the hospital watching helplessly, we decided to make our big change with homegrown food. Our quest was to feed him the best food possible and it was not long before we found that it was right here on the farm.

Then our research on fertilizers showed us that the world was in need of live food for the soil.  So our journey continued. We started to look into different avenues and found that our local waste was a great starting point. 

We took fish waste from local fish markets, and started experimenting until we perfected our recipe. This has become an amazing family operation with a real focus on our environment and our community's well-being. 

Our vision is to show the world that the current waste is viable product. We continue working with non-profits and farmers to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and bring balance back to our world.

 We wanted to make positive changes in our own family and through our small changes we are using the ripple effect to make larger ones!  Our goal is to create something that can benefit the community as a whole and our environment.  We have been using it on our farm ever since.

Our product is made from 100% wild caught fish from Hawai'i and pure  brown cane sugar.
Promoting a Sustainable Future for Hawai'i